Interview Dress: Proper Dressing for Man and Woman

Interview Dress: Proper Dressing for Man and Woman

In as much as you have the right skills, your appearance might deny you the chance to land on your dream job. When getting ready for an interview, it is important to prepare yourself in terms of dressing. Answering questions is not the only aspect that you should prepare for. Getting the proper outfit for an interview will be a plus for you.

When you walk into a room, the interviewing panel will either be impressed or disappointed in your looks. One advisor on careers put it wee and said, “The best communication about yourself without uttering a single word is the way you dress.” When you take time to dress right for a job interview, the prospective employer will see the seriousness in which you have taken the job.


We have provided a few essential guides on how to dress for an interview below: 

How should men dress for an interview?

Men have a wide variety of clothes that they can put on and appear presentable. Shirts with long sleeves seem to be more formal than the short ones. For a man dark pants will always match well with any light colored shirt. There are several men who love to have their shirts hanging loose. It is more presentable to tuck in a shirt and not fold up the sleeves. Try to look as executive as possible in that even if you do not get a job for other reasons, you will leave a good impression.

It is not compulsory to have a tie when going for an interview but it would be recommended. If choose to wear a tie make sure it matches with your outfit.

Use a belt that will match with your shoes. Belts that have small buckles appear to be more formal than the big buckled belts.

Darker socks go well with most outfits and present a better the image. Ensure you get the correct length of the socks for comfort. This should be complemented with official shoes. Shoes with laces appear to be executive. Leather shoes should be the main preference.

Men should ensure that the hair is neat and well maintained. If you are a man who is into jewelry, minimize the jewelry. Just have a watch and your wedding ring at most. Avoid showing any tattoos and piercings on your body. This does not look well for men.

Use only executive accessories when attending an interview. If you get a leather folder or briefcase, that would do the trick for you. Have your resume well arranged and presented.

Try to be as elegant as possible. Take a serious look at yourself before leaving your house and be the judge. It is also good to get an opinion of a spouse or a friend.

Women Dressing For an Interview

Women have an extensive range of fashion and at times end up dressing for the wrong occasion. It is good for any woman to establish the right outfit for the purposes of an interview. Not all fashion and style is appropriate for a job interview. A skirt suit or a trouser suit is the best option for a woman who plans to attend an interview.
Women should ensure that they do not wear anything that seems provocative. It is important to have stockings for an official appointment. Get a well designed pair of stockings which is not overdone in terms of pattern.

Women mostly prefer to have open shoes for comfort. When going for an interview, it is more professional to wear closed shoes that are not very high. Stay away from brightly colored shoes for purposes of an interview.

Have a neat hair style that will make you appear professional. Avoid a hair style that requires constant fixing during an interview or one that covers your face. Do not overdo your makeup. Use cosmetics that will complement your natural look.

Limit the amount of jewelry that you put on. Avoid those huge earring and bracelets that tend to be noisy. Ensure that your bag or purse matches with your shoes and looks professional. Avoid the casual bags when going for an interview.