Disclaimer for HTML, CSS Source Code


The source code provided on this website should be used for educational and informational purposes only. Our website/author/publisher/developer shall not bear any responsibility for any damage or any other kind of problem that may result from using these codes.

Before use:

  1. Before using any code, read the documentation carefully and make sure you understand the functionality of the code.
  2. You should take a backup of your system before using the code.
  3. When using the code, make sure your system's security settings are configured correctly.
  4. After using the code, scan your system for any potential vulnerabilities.


  1. The author/publisher/developer makes no guarantee for the functionality, reliability, or compatibility of this code.
  2. The author/publisher/developer bears no responsibility for any bugs, errors, or defects in this code.
  3. The author/publisher/developer will not provide any support for any modification, customization, or adaptation of this code.


It is your responsibility to ensure that this code does not violate any copyright laws or licenses.


Any changes to this disclaimer cannot be made without the prior written permission of the author/publisher/developer.

Thank you!

Important Note

This information was collected from Gemini, [Date: 30-04-2024]